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Great places are clean, comfortable, and functional. From lighting to fountains, property amenities need to be fully operable at all times. You need a trusted advisor that will help you better control costs with a planned maintenance strategy. CSG has a strong knowledge of the geography and proactive solutions necessary for premium routine maintenance and preventative care.

To help you retain a thriving urban environment, CSG’s skilled team provides high-quality maintenance services.


Weekly monitoring of lighting is necessary to ensure your property is accessible to visitors at all times of day.


CSG’s auditing and monitoring services include power distribution units, photocells connected to electrical systems and individual puck lights, acorn lights and globe lights.

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Public lighting along 16th street mall in downtown Denver, CO
lighting and electrical
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Proper cleaning and maintenance of your irrigation systems protects them from costly repairs and preserves the life of the system. CSG provides activation and winterization services.


Activation charges the irrigation system and turns off the water supply. Winterization blows out the irrigation lines, wraps backflows, and turns on the water source. Our specialized team can also replace and repair backflows and irrigation lines as needed.

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After dormant winter months, CSG cleanses public fountains by removing debris and leaves. Our fountain care also includes water testing to set the correct PH/alkalinity.


To protect your outdoor fountains from the cold and snow, winterization services blow out the pipes and turn off the water.

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CSG (Consolidated Services Group) mainta
fountain care

Repairs may come up at an inconvenient time. We at CSG are fully committed to providing exceptional maintenance and extraordinary service, day or night. Our custom work order system and Map To Track reporting gives you real-time access to file, track and schedule your requests when it's most convenient for you. CSG’s after-hours and emergency maintenance support ensure things are fully operational as soon as possible.


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