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Sustainable public spaces conserve resources, restore the environment, and are welcoming to all, now and in the future. These clean and comfortable places include sidewalks, bridges, parks, transit centers, pedestrian and bicycle paths and trails. CSG helps to preserve and protect city spaces through diligent cleaning and maintenance.

To best maintain public outdoor spaces, CSG employs a fleet of electric and gas-powered commercial compact loaders, tractors, utility products and attachments, golf carts, pick-up trucks, snow plows, snow blowers and brushes, and commercial ice melt product spreaders. We continue to evolve the CSG fleet as industry and community trends shift to sustainable solutions with lower emissions, less noise, and reduced waste.


Where possible, CSG uses EPA-approved sustainable cleaning materials, products, equipment, and processes. CSG technicians walk alleyways and streets to clear debris, sanitize surfaces, and maintain functionality of the space. Human resources are far more effective and sustainable than solely using industrialized tools like a street sweeping vehicle. 


How we care for your places, people, and the environment:


  • Eco-efficient vehicles with automatic idle 

  • Electric Power Washer unit to minimize waste and water runoff

  • Reusable cleaning cloths 

  • Eco-friendly graffiti removal

  • Recycling of metals, plastics, glass, paper, and cardboard 

  • Environmentally-friendly disposal and recycling of oil

  • Bulk item removal

  • Leak detection and repair for water-saving irrigation  

  • Upcycle banners to repurpose street and event banners

  • Winter and sustainable tree canopy care

  • Extends life of your reusable outdoor furniture care and cleaning

  • Onsite recycling, refillable water bottles, and washable cooling cloths 

  • Complimentary transit EcoPass and secure bike parking/storage for employees


Sustainable spaces reflect unique behaviors, uses, activities and functions. Expert care is necessary to ensure your community is fully accessible to all these use cases. 


Specialized infrastructure such as the new 16th Street in downtown Denver requires customized care to best maintain the tourist destination’s new amenities, like:


  • Artistic spotlights (eye-catching design elements)

  • Play features (structures to invite kids play)

  • Public furniture (chairs, tables)

  • Unique street pavers


Whether using specialized equipment and supplies or more frequent maintenance and cleaning, CSG ensures your city's landmarks, tourist attractions, and frequent gathering places are areas everyone can enjoy for many years to come.


CSG is a diligent steward of the City of Denver’s Waste No More initiative, which details the sustainable removal, reuse, and recycling of construction and demolition debris from apartment complexes, restaurants, office buildings, and other businesses. 


When your urban space undergoes construction or renovation, you still need seamless space maintenance. CSG works with experienced construction partners to handle construction project clean-up and ensure efficient removal of demolition debris. We save you time, money and resources with our capacity for maintenance support, snow removal, surface maintenance, and graffiti removal during the construction or remodeling.

In addition to business district support, CSG works with community events to minimize the environmental impact. Event services include recycling, trash removal, reusable furniture security and storage, banner upcycling, and general clean-up.

Local nonprofit Mile High Workshop repurposes donated banners into totes and bags of various shapes and sizes. 


CSG  will work with you to complete the process of recycling your banners. We make it easy for you to clean out those old event banners and put them to good use! CSG will always go the extra mile for clients' personalized needs - even monitoring access to a community beehive!

Mile High Workshop bags created from upcycled street banners.

Contact CSG with your commercial cleaning and maintenance questions.

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