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Denver Housing Authority and CSG partner to empower economic independence

Woman in purple uniform and orange safety vest working outdoors in downtown Denver.
CSG Clean Team Member and DHA resident Margarita

Job searching can be a daunting and deflating experience today. While there are lots of opportunities available in Denver, getting and keeping a job is still a competitive process. From filling out an application, to the interview and managing all the things life throws in the way, finding the right resources to help with this process can make a big difference.

Two organizations working together to make a difference in the Denver metro community are CSG and Denver Housing Authority (DHA). This new partnership connects residents to integrated education and stable employment opportunities. Since 2014, the Academies to Work (ATW) program from DHA provides low-to-moderate income individuals with training, support, and community resources. As a partner in this program, CSG hires individuals referred from ATW.

Recent hire, Margarita, joined the CSG Clean Team for the Five Points Business Improvement District. She is a DHA resident and connected with CSG through ATW. As a Clean Team member Margarita wipes and sanitizes shared spaces, picks up trash, sweeps, and supports CSG special project needs such as event setup or tear-down.

DHA helped Margarita identify job openings that met her career goals and family needs. After creating a resume, DHA reached out to CSG and secured an interview. Margarita received a job offer from CSG that same day!

“I’ve come a long way and DHA housing has really helped,” said Margarita. “It took me about two years to get a job after losing my caregiver job during COVID-19. I love this job [with CSG] and hope I can continue to learn new things and stay here for a while.”

Jobs In Demand

Commercial cleaning and maintenance are among the industries in Denver with the most labor demand. So much so that DHA operates a maintenance academy where participating individuals receive career development support, Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Association-10 certifications. Each academy participant can apply for maintenance positions with DHA as well as other local employers like CSG.

In addition to job skilling and placement, ATW assists program participants with:

  • Resume development

  • Job search, interview and workplace coaching

  • Transportation

  • Job-specific tools and clothing for employment

  • Professional certifications in light industrial, construction, business, maintenance, business support services, healthcare, and customer service/retail

Margarita, like many families in Denver, is a single-parent household. In addition to her five children, Margarita also takes care of her parents. She needed a job that was close to home and allowed her the ability to continue her caretaking responsibilities. Childcare and transportation can be significant challenges to sustainable employment for many Denverites. DHA looks to partner with employers like CSG that offer flexible hours and who may provide additional support services that can help employees maintain employment.

Mother and daughter hold a bouquet of flowers and Mile High Scholar certificate as they hug and smile.
Margarita with her daughter, Esperanza

A Fair Chance at the Future

As a fair chance employer, CSG provides everyone, regardless of background, equal opportunity for job consideration. Partnerships with Bridge House, Safe Outdoor Spaces, and DHA offer job placement, upskilling and support services for individuals who may be recovering from a life-changing event. Additional CSG employee supportive services may include:

  • Assistance with uniform costs

  • Complimentary laundry facilities

  • Complimentary RTD Eco Transit Pass

  • Assistance with pay cards and setting up bank accounts

  • Life insurance, health insurance,

  • “Work-aversary” bonuses and options for retirement benefits

  • Employment and attendance verification for housing and programmatic needs

Fair chance employers understand that when basic needs are met through the help of support services like these, employees are able to reliably get to and from work and can better focus on the tasks of the job.

“I’m blooming,” said Margarita. “I’m learning lots of new things and meeting new people. My job at CSG has given me the confidence I needed to get back on my feet. Now I can work on myself and be there to care for my kids.”

Margarita is one of nearly 50 CSG employees that works day and night, in all kinds of weather, seven days a week to make sure Downtown Denver is ready to welcome its nearly 250,000 daily visitors. The pandemic has driven many people to rediscover public spaces - from parks and plazas to reclaimed streets. City spaces continue to see increased demand from diners, walkers, and cyclists as well as many individuals experiencing poverty, homelessness, mental health challenges and substance use. CSG Clean Teams didn’t slow down with more need for the cleaning and maintenance of shared public spaces. CSG will continue to grow to provide custodial maintenance services to more urban environments, transit hubs, and special districts.

For current job openings, CSG has an online job application and applications are accepted daily. Individuals who would like to get involved with the ATW program can complete an intake form with DHA. Qualifying non-DHA residents are invited to take advantage of the ATW program; meaning ATW is open to DHA residents and non-residents alike.

In the eight years since ATW began, over 448 Denverites secured employment through the program. “We look forward to growing DHA’s partnership with CSG to help our customers with their work goals,” said Carol Aguiniga, DHA Education and Employment Coordinator.

If you'd like to be a part of CSG's Clean Team, apply today for an available position. Application assistance is offered in-person at CSG offices 1-3 p.m. MST every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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