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Community Builders & Connectors: Fantastic Female Leaders at CSG

CSG proudly invests in the hiring, training and development of women in the commercial cleaning and maintenance industry.

Women’s History Month takes place in March and celebrates women’s contributions to history, culture, the economy and society throughout time. At CSG, over half of the executive team are women and professional contributions are celebrated every day of the year. It takes a village to start and successfully run a small business. This team at CSG has over 15 years of experience in commercial cleaning and maintenance for urban environments, transit hubs, and special districts.

Katie joined the CSG team in 2020 after her retail job ended due to the store’s closure during the pandemic. New to the commercial cleaning and maintenance industry, Katie immersed herself in the business and serves as the CSG “Swiss Army Knife.” Ready for anything and always willing to learn new skills, her role includes organizing and connecting clients, vendors and applicants, and sometimes even shoveling snow.

Work in the public realm is by its very nature ever-changing and work at CSG is no different. To provide exceptional maintenance for Denver’s public places, round-the-clock clean teams patrol the streets and spaces. CSG Clean Teams led by Gloria and Keke pick up trash, sweep, disinfect, and remove graffiti among other custodial services year-round, in all types of weather.

Commercial cleaning and maintenance requires extraordinary responsiveness to the environment such as weather, in addition to activities and persons utilizing the public space. CSG supports Denver’s 16th Street Mall, Five Points Business Improvement District and RTD transit stations, all of which are very popular areas of the city. The ability to respond to urgent needs as well as carry on with planned cleaning and maintenance takes teamwork.

Linda and Nelda oversee hiring, client service and general operations for CSG. You could say they’re the team captains. Get to know this all-star team with this Q&A below:

Left to right, top to bottom: Linda, Keke, Katie, Gloria and Nelda.

Linda, Director of Finance, Mother

What is your favorite…

TV show: I am on a Vikings kick! And SNL

Movie: Leap Year

Food: Salmon

Music artist: Lewis Capaldi, Bruno Mars

Hobbies: Hiking, Skiing, Soccer, Yoga

Women-owned Denver business: Chef Jennifer Jazinski and her Denver restaurants

Most historic moment in women’s history: US Women ‘s World Cup Championship, with captain Megan Rapino, and the US Women's Soccer Team's role in equal pay for women athletes.

Woman most admire: Mother

"Family is super important to me and friends who are very much like family for me." - Linda

Keke, Clean Team Supervisor, Mother, Grandmother

What is your favorite…

TV show: Power

Food: Soul food and Mexican food

Music artist: Mary J. Blige

Hobbies: Dancing

Women-owned Denver business: Ms. Teena, a local retailer that sells women's clothing and jewelry

Most historic moment in women’s history: Rosa Parks' contributions to civil rights

Woman most admire: Kisha Cunningham

What I enjoy most about this job is my coworkers and the people I get to meet in Downtown Denver every day." -Keke

Katie, Office Coordinator, Dog Mom

What is your favorite…

TV show: The Office , Parks and Recreation, and Ted Lasso

Movie: About Time

Food: Tafalinos (Mexican)

Music artist: Ingrid Michaelson

Hobbies: Travel

Women-owned Denver business: Jennywear Jewelry

Most historic moment in women’s history: 19th Amendment (Women's Right to Vote)

"I get to discover a lot about Downtown Denver. I’ve lived here all my life and am just now beginning to enjoy it!" - Katie

Gloria, Clean Team Supervisor, Mother

What is your favorite…

TV show: Law & Order

Movie: The NeverEnding Story

Food: pizza

Music artist: Love R&B!

Hobbies: Reading and playing video games, because it's a great way to spend time with my boys

Women-owned Denver business: Welton Street Cafe in Five Points Business Improvement District

Most historic moment in women’s history: The U.S. elected the first African American President and First Lady, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Woman most admire: Mother

“I enjoy meeting new people coming and going in Downtown Denver and there is never a dull moment [with this job]!” - Gloria

Nelda, Director of Operations, Mentor and Mother

What is your favorite…

TV show: Yellowstone

Movie: CODA

Food: Anything barbequed!

Music artist: Sam Hunt

Women-owned Denver business: Book Bar

Hobbies: Any type of crafting

Most historic moment in women’s history: Sally Ride becoming the first woman in space

Woman most admire: My sister, Patricia Story

"I love being part of a strong team, both at work and at home" - Nelda

As a social enterprise, CSG seeks to empower potential by hiring the right people to help maintain clean and inviting environments for people to enjoy. Over 50 full and part-time staff manage year-round pressure washing services, maintenance, snow removal, and custodial care for clients across the Denver metro. As a fair chance employer, CSG hires the best persons for the job that help keep your favorite city spaces clean and welcoming for visitors, workers and residents.

If you'd like to work with this team and learn more about commercial cleaning and maintenance services in your area, visit CSG's detailed insights and request a complimentary quote.

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